Layton Blaylock | Director | Director of Photography | Cinematographer


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Director of Photography, IATSE Local 600
Director of Photography:
2018 One Hand Clapping (Directed by Jerry Alden Deal) Independent Feature
2018 Dress Code (Directed by Melanie Notinger) Short Film
2017 Community First! (Directed by Layton Blaylock, Documentary Feature) Inferno Films
2016 Choke Artist (Directed by Melanie Notinger) Short Film
2015 Hero Dogs (Directed by Lindy Lee, TV docu-series) Nuriya Entertainment
2015 Old School (Directed by Steve Hellfish, short documentary) Verascope Pictures
2014 Agave is Life (Directed by Meredith Dreiss, Documentary Feature) Archeo Productions
2013 One Hand Clapping (Directed by Jerry Alden Deal) Feature Trailer
2013 The Men Who Made the Airlines (Directed by John Dwyer) TV Pilot Trailer
2012 The Urban Farmer (Directed by Layton Blaylock, TV pilot) Inferno Films
2011 Ruth’s Locket (Directed by Gene Burns) Short Film
2010 Yield (Directed by Sean Davis) Short Film
2007 Planet Camp (Directed by Doug Forrest & Layton Blaylock) TV Pilot
2006 Art From the Streets (Layton Blaylock, Documentary Feature) Inferno Films
2006 Rise of the Video Game (Segments of Episode 4) Discovery Channel
2005 Bending Light (Directed by Steve Wolf) Short Film
2004 Spring Cleaning (Directed by Jessiline Berry) Short Film
2003 Waterville (Directed by David Keith) Independent Feature
1996 Crusader--No Survivors (Steve Hemphill, Computer game) Origin Systems
1995 Remington Country (Directed by Joe South) TV Pilot
'91, '90, '89 Unsolved Mysteries (Various segments) NBC Series
1990 Horizons (Series Segment) BBC
1988 NOVA (“Chaos” Episode) PBS/WGBH
1985 Confessions of a Serial Killer (Directed by John Dwyer) Concorde Pictures
Director of Photography (2nd unit, Additional Unit):
2012 Open Windows (Directed by Nacho Vigalondo) Apaches Entertainment
1996 SubUrbia (Directed by Richard Linklater) Castle Rock
1996 Texas Graces (Directed by Steve Miner) CBS Pilot
1994 Without Consent (Directed by Robert Iscove) ABC TV Movie
1993 Blank Check (Directed by Rupert Wainright) Disney
1992 Dazed and Confused (Directed by Richard Linklater) Universal
1991 Another Pair of Aces (Directed by Bill Bixby) CBS TV movie
1989 Gideon Oliver (Directed by Bill Duke) ABC TV Movie
1987 Save the Dog (Directed by Paul Aaron) Disney TV movie
Additional Photography
2011 The Girl (Directed by David Riker) Journeyman Pictures
2005 The Return (Directed by Asif Kapadia) Universal
1997 Dancer Texas (Directed by Tim McCanlies) TriStar
1991 Shadow Force (Directed by Ken Lamkin) Independent Feature
Camera operator ("B" camera):
2010 Friday Night Lights (Directed by Michael Waxman) NBC Series
2009 Campus PD (San Marcos Segment) G4 Series
2006 Jamie Kennedy's Blowin' Up (Houston episode) (Houston episode)
2005 Roller Girls (Various Directors) A& E Series
1995 She Fought Alone (Directed by Christopher Leitch) NBC TV Movie
1995 Deadly Family Secrets (Directed by Richard Heffron) NBC TV Movie
1993 Heaven and Hell (Directed by Larry Peerce) ABC Mini Series
1992 My Boyfriend's Back (Directed by Bob Ballaban) Buena Vista
1989 Dream Date (Directed by Anson Williams) NBC TV movie
1988 Heartbreak Hotel (Directed by Chris Columbus) Touchstone
Additional Camera Operator:
2008 Temple Grandin (Directed by Mick Jackson) HBO Movie
2002 High School Football (Directed by Richard Linklater) Detour Films
1998 A Slipping Down Life (Directed by Toni Kalem) Lion's Gate
1997 Newton Boys (Directed by Richard Linklater) 20th Century Fox
1996 Home Fries (Dean Parisot) Warner Bros.
1994 Shadows of Desire (Sam Pillsbury) TV Movie
1993 Eight Seconds (Directed by John Avildsen) New Line
1991 Ned Blessing (Directed by Peter Werner) CBS Pilot
1989 The Hot Spot (Directed by Dennis Hopper) Orion
Award winning commercial Director/Cameraman, (a partial client list would include):
Pizza Hut, Jack-in-the-Box, Time-Life, SuperCuts, U.S. Dialtone, Advanced Micro Devices, Lammes Candies, Citizens Medical Center, Baptist Healthcare System, Central Power and Light, Texas Health Department, City of Dallas Utilities, United Way, American Cancer Society, Texas Department of Human Services, Texas Library Association, Nature Conservancy, Austin American-Statesman, and Capital Metro. Check out my web site at:
Award winning Director/Cameraman, I have been all over the world shooting corporate films for such clients as:
Houghton, Mifflin, Harcourt Publishing, Dell Computers, American Heart Association, HRW, Conoco Chemicals, IBM, LCRA, Harcourt Publishing, Texas Department of Commerce, U.S. Environmental Protection Agency, University of Texas Medical School, Texas Department of Health, and Texas Water Development Board to name just a few.
Honorable Mention for Cinematography at the Archaeology Channel Film Festival, Agave is Life, 2015.
American-Statesman Social Services Volunteer of the Year, 2012.
Best Documentary, American Artist Film Festival, Art From the Streets, 2011.
Best of the Fest, Jury Prize, Lights.Camera.Help Film Festival, Art From the Streets, 2009.
Best Documentary Concept, Los Angeles Reel Film Festival, Art From the Streets, 2009.
Honorable Mention Best Documentary, Los Angeles Reel Film Festival, Art From the Streets, 2009.
Emerging Cinematographer Award from the International Cinematographers Guild, 2008.
Best Documentary, Rockport Film Festival, Art From the Streets, 2007.
Best Multi-cultural American Film, Brilliant Light International Film Festival, Art From the Streets, 2007.
Best Documentary, Bend Film Festival, Art From the Streets, 2006.
Best Documentary, South Padre Island Film Festival, Art From the Streets, 2006.
Many TELLY’s & ADDY’s for TV spots.
United Way of America Second Century Initiative Award, First Place, Director/cameraman, 1989.
28th Film & Video Festival of New York, Bronze, The Makers of Government, Cinematographer, 1985.
IABC, Award of Merit, A Land Called Texas, Cinematographer, 1984.
CINE Golden Eagle, Everybody Needs a Forever Home, Editor, 1979.